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Christian Worker's Certificate & Standard Bible Course

The Christian Worker's Certificate program includes all subjects offered in the first two years (Freshman and Sophomore) of the Standard Bible Course.

First Year - Freshman Courses

First Semester

BB111  Pentateuch

The first five books of the Old Testament are studied with emphasis upon
geography and the distinctive purpose and theme of each book as well as its contribution to the unity of the whole Bible and spiritual lessons derived from God’s dealing with man in general and Israel in

TH121 Doctrine of God

The study of the existence, nature, attributes, character, and personality of God, including the doctrine of the Trinity and related word studies on the names of God.

TH122 God’s Plan of the Ages 

 study of eight dispensations: Innocence, Conscience, Human Government, Promise, Law, Church, Tribulation, and Kingdom. Emphasis is placed on God’s judgment because of sin.

TH125 Foundational Truths

A doctrinal survey of verbal inspiration, sin, salvation, eternal life, standing and state, the two natures, Satan, the surrendered life, service and witnessing, the Spirit-filled life, rewards, prayer, stewardship, and the will of God.

CE131 – English 1
CE134 – Survey of Black Literature
PP161 – Basic Orientation

Second Semester

BB112 Historical Books

Israel’s history in Canaan is studied in the twelve books from Joshua through Esther. The evident working of God in history is emphasized as well as spiritual and practical lessons for living in the twentieth century.

BB113 Poetic Books

A brief expository study of the five poetic books of the Old Testament emphasizing their historical background, prophetic themes, doctrinal truths, and their practical value for today

BB114 – Life of Christ

TH123 Doctrine of Christ

A study of the deity, humanity, incarnation, death, resurrection ascension, and exaltation of Jesus Christ.

ME252  Inner City Evangelism

This course examines the physical, social, and economic conditions  of inner city residents which challenge the successful propagation of the Gospel.  The course studies the principles of methods of evangelizing inner-city residents.  Representatives of various types of urban ministries provide guest lectures.

CE132 – English 2

CE135 – Psychology of Christian Experience
PP 162 – Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity

Second Year - Sophomore Courses

First Semester

BB211  Isaiah & Jeremiah

A study of the historical setting and prophetic scope of these two major prophets, with attention given to their exposition, theology, and lessons for personal application.

BB212  Minor Prophets

Using the date of the Exile as a basic reference point, a survey of the twelve minor prophets who spoke the Word of the Lord beginning with the decline and fall of the kingdoms of Judah and Israel.

CE231  Understanding People

This course is a skillful examination of the characteristics, growth and development of people from infancy through adulthood.  Emphasis is placed on ministering to the “whole person” with stress on such areas as salvation, worship, discipline, family life, and scripture memorization, showing forth the importance and need  of a Christian education in accord with God’s Word.

CE232  Understanding Teaching

A study of the principles and methods of teaching.  The course explores principles of effective teaching and the ways in which people learn.  Students also develop strategies for planning lessons, selecting methods, preparing material, and setting the atmosphere of a classroom.

HI241  Biblical Introduction

This survey course acquaints the student with the historical development of the Bible from its original writing to present day versions.  The necessity of accurate transmission of the original documents in Hebrew and Greek to the languages of the world is emphasized.

ME251  Personal Evangelism

The techniques of approach, presentation and invitation are examined, as well as types of evangelistic effort, such as group street meetings and private visitation, and counseling opportunities.  Scriptures that can be utilized in soul winning are memorized, and dependence on the Holy Spirit is stressed.  Students are required to engage in actual evangelism during the semester.

Second Semester

BB213  Acts

An historical and expositional study of the book of Acts.  The thrilling development of the early Church in the face of overwhelming obstacles is carefully analyzed.  Considerable emphasis is given to the work of the Holy Spirit and the ministries of Peter and Paul.

BB214  Romans

This epistle sets forth the Gospel of God’s grace.  Such subjects as man’s sin, justification by faith, sanctification, and ultimate glorification are dealt with in detail as the parenthetic section of chapters 9-11 that deal with the past, present and future of Israel.

TH233  Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

The study of the deity and personality of the Holy Spirit.  His ministries in creation, regeneration, salvation, inspiration, indwelling of believers, filling, anointing, fruit-bearing, and baptism are carefully studied from Scripture.

CE234  Apologetics

A study of the defense of the Christian faith in three major areas of belief: the doctrine of God, the doctrine of Christ, and the doctrine of the Bible. External evidence and human reasoning offer convincing proof that the biblical witness is correct concerning the existence of God, his work of creation, the deity of Christ, and the inspiration and authority of the Bible are valid and true beliefs. 

ME252  Inner City Evangelism

This course examines the physical, social, and economic conditions  of inner city residents which challenge the successful propagation of the Gospel.  The course studies the principles of methods of evangelizing inner-city residents.  Representatives of various types of urban ministries provide guest lectures.

CE235  Biblical Leadership

This relevant course helps the student to grasp a New Testament pattern of leadership that is person-centered and team-centered.  Rather than basing ministry on secular principles, the timeless biblical strategies of people utilizing their gifts in service will help the student to grow inself-perception, skills, and vision as a leader.

Third Year - Junior Courses

First Semester

BB311  1 & 2 Corinthians

A study of the solutions to the major problems of the church at Corinth, God’s message of comfort, and Paul’s personal defense of his ministry.  Emphasis is put on the relevance of the issues confronting the Corinthian church to local congregations of Chrisians today.

TH323  Typology

A careful study of Old Testament types and their New Testament counterparts are examined, some in greater detail, such as the Tabernacle as a type of Christ.  The importance of typology as evidence of the Scriptural unity is emphasized, as well as the purpose of typology to illustrate and clarify biblical truth.  In addition to the Tabernacle, the five offerings of Leviticus 1-7 and the seven feasts of Leviticus 23 are examined in detail.

TH324  Unacceptable Doctrines

A survey study of the cults and heresies that are active in today’s world.  Special attention is given to thoe false doctrines which affect the Christian community, especially those that are prominent influencers of people who reside in the inner-city.

TH325  Man & Salvation 1

A careful study of man — his originas God’s creation, his nature, responsibility , and destiny, as well as the beginning of a two-part study of salvation, with emphasis on repentance, faith, regeneration, justification, adoption, sanctification, and prayer.  TWO SEMESTERS.

HI341  Bible Geography

The history of the Old Testament and the intertestamental period is seen against the background of Bible geography and in the light of confirming and illuminating archaeological discoveries.  The land of Israel in the plan and purpose of God for His chosen people is examined.  Map work is required. 

HI343  The Black Church in America

Beginning with its origin in slavery and moving through present day influences, such as conventions, missions, denominations, cults, the social gospelm civil rights, and the need for training evangelical leadership, the student will receive a contemporary understanding of the African American Church.  Included will be a study of the place and influence of the Church in African American society and the role of the Black minister.

Second Semester

BB312  Early Epistles

An expository study of the earlier New Testament letters of James, Peter, and Paul’s two letter to the church at Thessalonica. Difficult passages are interpreted using clearer Scriptural references, and practical application is made to the church of today.

BB313  Galatians & Ephesians

An historical and expository study of these vital letters that deal with Christian liberty, justification by faith alone, and the Spirit-filled life.  Emphasis is laid on the Church as the body of Christ in its unique position in God’s plan throughout the Age of Grace, as well as on the privileges and responsibilities of living for Christ in a fallen world.

BB314  Prison Epistles

A survey of three of Paul’s letters written while he was a prisoner in Rome for his proclamation of the Gospel: Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon.  Emphasis is placed on the duality of Christ’s deity and humanity in one Person, on the unity of the Body of Christ, on living for Christ in a fallen world, and on Paul’s appeal to Philemon to receive Onesimus as a brother in Christ. 

TH326  Man & Salvation 2

The contunuation of the two-semester course.  The significant New Testament words tht denote aspects of salvation through Christ are examined thoroughly and  brought together as underserved grace that accrues to the believer through the redemption of Christ on the cross.  TWO SEMESTERS.  Prerequisite:  Man & Salvation 1.

HI344  Church History

A survey of the history of the Christian church based on six general periods of church history: the Apostolic Church, the Persecuted Church, the Imperial Church, the Medieval Church, the Reformed Church, and the Modern Church.  The influence of the Church throughout world history is examined and discussed. 

PP361  Christian Stewardship

This course is designed to help the Christian manage the resources that God has entrusted to him — his time, his talents and his finances.  The biblical principles of stewardship are examined and practical help is given in making wise use of the Christian’s possessions within the home and church.

Fourth Year - Senior Courses

First Semester

BB411  Pastoral Epistles

A study of the last three of Paul’s letters, all written to two faithful Christian workers, Timothy and Titus.  The letters focus on the need for faithful proclamation of God’s truth, especially important to Paul because his time of ministry was drawing to a close.  Attention is focused on faith and order in the churches under Timothy’s and Titus’ care, which would serve as future guidance for all local churches.  Historical backgrounds and doctrinal teachings are examined. 

BB412  Hebrews

A careful exposition of this book is made, emphasizing the superiority of the Lord Jesus Christ as to His Person, His priesthood, and the offering of Himself as an offering for sin.  Spiritual truths are applied to the believer’s daily living from this New Testament book of redemption through Christ’s sacrificial death.

BB414  Daniel & Revelation 1

First part of a two-semester course that examines these two important books of Bible prophecy.  In this semester, the book of Daniel gives the framework of prophecy.  The literal, futuristics, premillennial viewpoint is explained in accordance with the doctrinal position of MBI.

TH421  Church & Scriptures

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the student with the historical background and development of the doctrine of the Church and to examine its nature, constitution, origin, relation to Israel, present task, and destiny.  In the second part of the course, an in-depth study is made of the inspiration of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.  

ME451  History of Missions

A survey of the history of Christian missionary activity from the Great Commission to the present day.  Special emphasis is laid on the role of the local church in supporting missions, as well as on the persecuted chuch around the world.

PP461  Christian Public Speaking

As students prepare for Gospel ministry, this course focuses on preparation and delivery of sermons, Bible studies, Sunday School lessons evangelistic messages, and other forums for communicating God’s Word to others.  Each student is required to write and deliver a message in class.

Second Semester

BB413  Late Epistles

An expository study of John’s first, second and third letters to the churches, the second letter of Peter, and the letter of Jude.  The background, content, and practical teaching of these five short letters, none of which were written by the apostle Paul, are examined in detail.  Emphasis is placed on the power of the prophetic word, on the Day of the Lord, on the past and present ministries of Christ, on walking in Christian love and truth, and on perseverance in faith. 

BB415  Daniel & Revelation 2

The second semester of a two-semester course examining the two prophetic books that help to explain each other and contribute to a fuller understanding of God’s timetable of history.  The literal, futuristic, premillennial viewpoint is taught in the course.  In the second semester, the book of Revelation is analyzed to show how it completes and climaxes the prophetic Scriptures.

TH422  Angels & Satan

A study of the doctrine of angels, demons, and the person and work of Satan.  The recent trend toward Satanism is examined, and an appeal is made for Christians to examine and strengthen their personal lives to thwart the persistent attacks of Satan on the hearts and minds of believers..

TH423    Bible Hermeneutics

The principles and methods of correct Bible interpretation are examined, as well as the preparation and tools of the Bible interpreter.  Attention is given to the varied types of literary expression within the Bible, including narrative, parables, proverbs, and prophecy.  The importance of literal, historic and contextual methodology in interpreting Scripture is stressed.

PP464  Practical Work

This course seeks to help the student put into practice much that he or she has learned in other courses.  Service opportunities and methods of providing ministry are presented.  Ministries examined include Christian education opportunities, house-to-house and street evangelism, prison ministries, and youth work.

PP463  Marriage and the Family

An in-depth study of the Scripture pattern of marriage and family life.  Included is a full examination of God’s order for singles, wives, husbands, children, and parents.  Marital and family reconciliation and the healing of broken homes is emphasized in the course. 

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