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Nathan E. Adams, D.Th. 
Subjects: Hebrews, Unacceptable Doctrines, Angels and Satan  

James Edlow, D.Min. Philadelphia Campus 
Subjects: Life of Christ, Doctrine of Christ 

Calvin Huger, B.Th. Philadelphia Campus 
Subjects: Man & Salvation, 1 Man & Salvation 2 

Arvelle C. Jones, D.Min. Philadelphia Campus 
Subjects: Typology 

Andrea Murray, M.Th. Philadelphia Campus 
Subjects: Late Epistles 

Icie Baggett, B.S. 
Subjects: Marriage and the Family 

Robert J. Figge, D.Min. 
Subjects: Bible Hermeneutics, Apologetics 

Raymond S. Johnson, B.S. Subjects: Christian Stewardship, Thy Kingdom Come 

Esther T. Jones, M.Th.
Subjects: Survey of Black Literature, Psychology of Christian Experience, English 1 & 2 

Anthony P. Newman, D.Th.  Subjects: Daniel & Revelation 1, Galatians & Ephesians 

Harvey Quarles, Dipl. Philadelphia Campus 
Subjects: Church History 

Cleonia J. Walker, D.D. 
Subjects: History of Missions, Personal Orientation 

Chester Campus

Mary L. Brown 


Sherard Graham 

Joyce Morse 

Rita Campbell 

Cecil Simmons 

Mount Holly Campus

Barbara Gary, M.Ed. Director

Ronald Lloyd, B.S. Faculty

Donna Lloyd, B.A. Faculty

Administration & Staff

Administration & Staff

Kevin M. Aiken, phD


Effective September 12, 2022

Barbara Gary, M.Ed.

Director, Mount Holly Campus

Leola J. Williams, M.Ed.

Director, Chester Campus

Ruth Hunter


Joanne Whitley

Executive Administrative Assistant

Jimmie Whitley III

Campus Security

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Michael W. Couch, D.Min. Chair

Robert J. Figge, D.Min. Vice Chair,

Board of Directors 

Leola J. Williams, M.Ed., Secretary

Board of Directors 

Arvelle C. Jones, D.Min., MBI Treasurer

Manna Bible Institute 

Kevin M. Aiken, Ph.D. President,

Manna Bible Institute 

Nathan E. Adams, D.Th., Chair, Property Committee  Board of Directors 

Craig C. Browne, D.Ed. Member,

Board of Directors 

James Edlow, D.Min. Member,

Board of Directors 

Peter J. Hwang, M.Div. Member,

Board of Directors 

Sharen D. Johnson,

B.S. Five-Year Plan Subcommittee 

Anthony P. Newman, D.Th.,

Alumni Representative 

Harvey Quarles, Dipl. Philadelphia Campus 
Subjects: Church History 

James Edlow, D.Min.

Cleonia J. Walker, D.D. 

Peter J. Hwang, M.Div.

Craig C. Browne, D.Ed.

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