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 Remembering Rev. Dr. Robert P. Shine Sr.

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Manna’s Main Campus Chapel

and a Scholarship Fund made in memory of Dr. Robert Shine,

Manna’s former Board Chairman

Rev. Dr. Robert P. Shine, Sr.

After a lifetime of faithful service to God’s Kingdom, Manna’s distinguished Board Chairman, Rev. Dr. Robert P. Shine, Sr. went Home to be with the Lord he served throughout his life and career.  Dr. Shine entered heaven on January 22, 2022. His life and ministry included many years of involvement at Manna.

To memorialize Dr. Shine’s legacy and his many years as an MBI graduate, professor, and board chairman, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to dedicate the new Chapel on the Wynnefield campus in his memory, as well as endowing a scholarship that deserving students will receive in his name.

First as a student and graduate, and then as a beloved professor (especially teaching Minor Prophets with an extraordinary knowledge of the subject) and as a long-time Chairman of MBI’s Board of Directors.  Dr. Shine was elected as Board Chairman in 1995 and served for twenty-seven years in that office.

Dr. Shine’s biblical training at MBI and further education in other schools quickly transitioned into a wide spectrum of ministries well beyond the city of Philadelphia and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Shine’s influence and reputation were known nationally and internationally, but he never left Manna behind after his MBI graduation in 1971. After further study at Community College of Philadelphia,

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LaSalle University, the Center for Urban Theological Studies, and Antioch College, Dr. Shine joined Manna’s faculty and taught for twenty-five years, while lending his biblical and leadership skills to many other ministries. 

His distinguished career in pastoral and teaching ministry and his good reputation throughout the world led the Board to invite Dr. Shine to become its chairman in 1995.  

The amount of the scholarship will be determined by the funding contributed by Manna’s Partners in Ministry.  A plaque and framed portrait of Dr. Shine will be suitably placed in the Dr. Robert P. Shine Sr. Memorial Chapel.

Dr. Shine’s primary ministry became the founding and pastoral ministry of Berachah Baptist Church in the East Oak Lane section of Philadelphia for thirty-seven years, but he loved teaching Manna’s students, as well as his preaching and community involvement.  He became an expert professor of the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament, and many of his students affirmed that he had an extraordinary knowledge of the biblical books he taught. 

Dr. Shine's Final Message

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